Multiple Teams · Pitch count for baseball mandated; IHSAA will vote this October

The NFHS mandated this past year that all states adopt a pitch count rule for baseball. This rule will be enforced with the start of the 2016-17 school year.

On August 8th, a committee of ten baseball coaches met and composed the information below of the baseball pitch count for Indiana.

The proposed rule was presented August 16th, to the IHSAA Board of Directors for their consideration. On October 6th, the IHSAA Board of Directors will formally vote on this proposed rule.




Pitching Limits:                                         Varsity

Pitches                                             Required Rest

101-120                                            4 Days

81-100                                             3 Days

                                      61-80                                                2 Days

                                      36-60                                               1 Day

                                      1-35                                                  0 Days


                                      Pitches                                             Required Rest

                                      81-90                                                4 Days

                                      61-80                                                3 Days

                                      36-60                                                2 Days

                                      26-35                                                1 Day

                                      1-25                                                  0 Days

Requirements and Suggestions:

  1. No pitcher may throw more than 120 pitches in a game. A pitcher will be allowed to finish a batter if they hit the maximum limit (120 in varsity play; 90 in sub-varsity) during an at bat, but must exit the position after the hitter.
  2. A pitcher who throws more than 60 pitches over two days will be required to have one day of required rest. No sub-varsity pitcher can throw more than 60 pitches over two days.  That limit will result in one day of mandated rest.  (Swing players who play multiple days at multiple levels should combine pitches thrown and use the varsity chart for mandated rest.)
  3. Warm-up pitches allowed before each inning, warm-up pitches allowed by the umpire in case of injury or game delay, and plays attempted against the batter-runner at first, second, or third base do not count against the limit.
  4. All schools have the responsibility to maintain every pitching chart form until the school season is complete.
  5. A copy of the pitching count form with current statistics shall be submitted following each game to the respective athletic administrator of his school by the varsity baseball coach.
  6. The use of a pitcher not eligible to pitch by the pitch count restrictions shall constitute the use of an ineligible player and result in a contest forfeiture. All violations must be reported in writing to the IHSAA Commissioner.
  7. A pitcher who enters the game to replace a pitcher who has reached his maximum number of pitches permitted will be allowed a maximum of sixteen (16) warm up pitches.
  8. It is recommended for accuracy that each school adopt a current app such as Game Changer
  9. It is strongly recommended that once a pitcher is removed, consideration be given to what position he is assigned once he is done pitching. Consideration should be given to the throwing requirement of the fielding position once the pitcher vacates the mound.
  10. It is strongly recommended that each school team develop a pitching philosophy that includes the instruction in proper throwing mechanics, broadening the number of players who will become pitchers on their staffs, and developing a “work up” plan so that a pitcher is not throwing the maximum allowable pitches from the first day of competition (i.e., no more than 65 pitches in weeks 1-3, no more than 85 in weeks 4-6 to allow for growth and arm strength to develop.
  11. It is strongly encouraged that schools provide an additional day of rest for those pitchers that throw more than 70 pitches.
  12. Coaches must recognize each pitchers “fatigue threshold”. Each pitcher will be different in his ability and threshold.  In essence, the coach must learn the behaviors of his/her players.