Multiple Teams · These Bears aren’t going anywhere for awhile

Let me preface this little tidbit by saying I am a numbers guy so recently during my brief quiet time (rare as it is) I started thinking . . . then looking up some numbers . . . and it sparked me to want to put this down for people to see.

I could’ve easily put the headline as – Football Bears – past, present, and future.

The varsity football team is on a 14-game regular season win streak, 5-0 this year . . . but they are also 32-8 in the last 40 games (.750 win percent) and are currently putting together a 4th straight winning season in only the 8th year of having a program.

Before I go on let me just say how great it is to have Coach John Hochstetler at the helm of our program and I feel blessed getting to work with him. The high school, junior high and Grizzly programs have much to look forward to.

Last year the Bears had the #1 defensive average in the state and this year sit at #3. The program in total is giving up 5 points a game this year. That is 70 points in 14 varsity, JV and junior high games. Pretty impressive.

But there’s more. Just since last Friday MC football teams have outscored their varsity, JV and JH foes 136-6. It gets better.

The varsity has outscored 5 opponents, 212-18. The JV has outscored 4 foes, 86-26. And the JH Bears have outpointed 5 opponents, 212-26. So in 14 total games it is MC 510-70 with 8 shutouts and a 13-1 record.

The varsity has some individuals in the top of the state statistically while scoring 50+ points 3 times. The JV has 3 shutouts and the JH has not allowed a point in the first half of their 5 games.

Maybe more impressive was a 50 point varsity win with 3 starters out against a team who is just a few years out from a state championship. Or the JH team which had numerous kids out Tuesday night and won 52-0 with a blocked punt returned for a TD, a punt return for a TD, a kickoff return for a TD, and a couple TD passes and runs. The defense was so dominant at one time while on the chain crew I heard the coach say, “I don’t know what play to call.”

This is my 3rd football season here and so far I have watched our varsity Bears go 25-4 and it’s been a lot of fun. I know the kids and coaches might add a sectional title would make any regular season record that much better – and we are all hopeful that scenario is not too far away in the future. But I have also enjoyed watching the JV and being on the sidelines watching this JH team has been outstanding.

I also know our Grizzly youth program is doing quite well also.

So football fans – don’t go anywhere – one year after graduating 15 players and producing an undefeated regular season, the Bears are back at it – and it doesn’t appear that will change any time soon.