Multiple Teams · Regional notes; T-shirt pick up tomorrow between 5 and 6:30

There are always questions about what you can and can’t do at post-season games regardless of the sport. So I did some digging, made a couple phone calls and emails.

In a nutshell: If you could do it at an away game, you can do it at a home post-season game. And the other big one – if you do it for one, you have to do it for both.

So to break that down – we couldn’t use the blow up bear head out of town, take our flags to line the stadium or put up signs on the fence – just to name a few. Cowbells are ok but no electronic noise makers are.

The cheerleaders can use the new break-thru banner before the game and run with a flag to lead the team out – because we can do that out of town as well.

Announcers – what you do for one – you must do for the other. So unless we want Mr. Shumaker yelling, “and that’s good for a Knight first down” – we can’t do it for us. We wouldn’t play the bells on an offensive 3rd down so we can’t do it.

And the newest question – we cant put salamanders out there for our kids to keep warm unless we provide the exact thing for Southwood.

Hopefully that clears up those things.

Now for the big things

1) Pep rally tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. the community is invited

2) T-shirt orders can be picked up at the school between 5 and 6:30 p.m. tomorrow night. If you come out Friday I cannot guarantee you will be able to get them during the day. Its game day and we will all have a lot to do in preparation- mainly outside. So I will probably not be available much at all Friday until about 11 p.m. when I finish after the game. Please bring your payment when you pick up.

3) Let’s all get fired up and take this to the next level – semi-state; the Final 4; 2 weeks away from Lucas Oil.